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2 min readSep 12, 2022

Being an entrepreneur is far different in a post-COVID world. Following the mass exodus of professionals from major cities like New York and Los Angeles, smaller cities have become ripe for entrepreneurs looking to establish new business opportunities. The following cities have become new hot spots for entrepreneurs , both for their location as regional centers for business and their vibrant communities of professionals.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is particularly eye-catching for entrepreneurs who are planning to grow an existing business. What is especially striking about Boston is that while it is not as large as New York, it is still the 10th biggest urban area in the United States, meaning that entrepreneurs will have a large swath of talented professionals to join their team.

Furthermore, Boston is a quick train ride away from some of the most prestigious colleges in the world, such as Harvard University, allowing would-be entrepreneurs access to some of the brightest up-and-coming talents in the United States.

Miami, Florida

Due to low tax rates, more and more companies are heading to sunny Miami in search of new business opportunities. Those entrepreneurs looking to establish ties to businesses in Latin American countries have especially expressed interest in moving to the city. While Miami has become a new hot spot for investors and tech gurus alike, the city’s burgeoning design district has also led many leaders in the fashion industry to make Miami their new home.

While Miami’s status as a growing business center has caught the eye of many entrepreneurs, its warm climate and multi-cultural community are also major draws for anyone interested in establishing a business.

Denver, Colorado

Denver’s incredible affordability has recently seen it rise through the ranks of top cities for entrepreneurs. While the Mile High City’s lower cost of living is a major bonus for entrepreneurs, it nevertheless maintains a high quality of life for residents and a job market that allows professionals to easily seek new opportunities.

The result of these factors is a major increase in Denver’s talent pool, broadening and diversifying the assortment of talent available to entrepreneurs and business owners. Entrepreneurs looking to relocate to Denver should further be excited to learn that startups located in the state of Colorado have accounted for some of the highest rates of capital investment in the United States in the past several years.

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