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Feedback is a vital part of an employee’s evaluation, and it provides them with helpful advice and insight into their performance. However, for some people, hearing the words “Can I give you some feedback?” can induce fear and anxiety.

Despite the delicate nature of , it’s still important that business owners manage it positively so that it can help them improve their operations.

What is Positive Feedback?

Positive feedback is an evaluation that’s focused on an employee’s abilities and achievements. It encourages the team to keep improving and performing well.

Tips for Giving Positive Feedback

According to Kevin Ochsner, a neuroscientist at Columbia University, around 30% of the time, people don’t apply feedback properly. This can lead to unproductive feedback.

Ideally, if possible, avoid being mean-spirited while giving feedback. It’s important to remember that feedback should be focused on improving the other person’s performance instead of making them feel bad.

Instead of being told how to perform, ask for feedback that will help them develop their skills and confidence. This will help them avoid feeling judged.

Offer feedback in a positive manner. Feedback given in a positive light can stimulate the brain’s reward centers, which are responsible for controlling defensiveness and threat response.

People tend to respond better to feedback that’s specific and positive. For instance, say something that’s about the task you want them to accomplish and not about another employee’s job performance being better.

Feedback can also help people improve their performance. It can stimulate their brain’s learning process. Feedback should be given regularly to avoid confusing the recipient and undermining their performance.

When giving feedback, start by asking the recipient about the situation. Instead of being defensive, try asking for their perspective.

If the recipient is doing well, give them feedback right away. This can boost their morale and motivate them to continue working hard.

Feedback can be given in many forms, such as through email or instant messaging. By letting others see it, you’ll motivate them to work harder to receive similar feedback.

After giving the recipient some specific feedback, ask them if they’re satisfied with the feedback. Reinforce the message they’re being given and that you’re there to help them succeed.

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